Super League Football

Welcome to Super League Football at Redbacks FC

Our Super League team takes on the best that each club has to offer week in and week out. The format of the Super League competition is squad based; first grade and reserve grade. Our Reserve team plays at 1pm and our First team play at 3pm each Saturday.

Super League is one division below Premier League, with only the first placed team in our first grade competition achieving promotion. This is our aim for the 2017 season!

In 2015 our Super League team won the Super League Grand final, and were semi finalists in the GHFA Cup in 2016. In 2017 we had out FFA Cup debut, where we were knocked out in the 117 minute of extra time.

Our Head Coach is Nick Casarone and our Assistant Coach is Sam Willoughby. Club Captain is Mark Mittiga.

Squad trials are held in January each year, so contact the club if you want to trial with us.

Facebook – redbacksfootballclub

Email – playfootball

Formats/Rules at a glance

Our Super League play to the GHFA Competitive Football Format, adhering to the GHFA By-Laws, which can be found here

A key difference between our Super League First Grade Team and other competitive football played at the Redbacks FC is:

  • In Premier League Reserve Grade and Super League Reserve Grade, unlimited player interchange is permissible at any time during the game.
  • In Premier League First Grade and Super League First Grade, player substitution is permissible at any time during the game.

An Interchange is defined as ‘A player who has been replaced may return to the field for another player.’ A substitution is defined as ‘Once a player has been substituted he/she may not retake the field.’

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