Match Results & Reports

After each game, team Managers are responsible for submitting the match result and a match report. Both of these requirements can be completed using the below form.

It is essential that this form is completed in a timely manner as results need to be submitted to the GHFA and NWSWF for cross checking against referee reports and opposition results.

Please submit your match results and report by 5pm each Sunday, the weekend of the game.

Please ensure that you follow the below guidelines for each submission.

  • In the U12-U16 age groups, scores will be recorded in the GHFA competition table as a maximum 8-goal difference – Therefore scores recorded below for these ages should not exceed an 8-goal margin – e.g. if a side scores 10 goals and concedes none, then a score of 8-0 should be recorded. If a side scores 12 goals and concedes 2, then a score of 10-2  should be recorded.
  • Last names of players should be withheld
  • Please keep the reports positive and do not make negative comments towards the opposition or towards the referees.
  • Please record the score for all games, irrespective of their competitive nature and we will ensure that scores for non-competitive games are not published on our site.


Your age coordinator and the Club reserve the right to censor reports where required.

You may attach a photo for inclusion in the report, but if you have more than one or a selection of photos that you would like added to the website, please email your age coordinator to arrange this.

Submit your teams result and your team report below !

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If a player receives 2 Yellow cards and then a Red, the 2 yellow cards are NOT counted.

please upload a match picture - 1mb limit