Life Members

The Redbacks Football Club is run entirely by volunteers who give freely of their time and expertise to ensure that all players, parents and supporters enjoy their football.

There are however individuals who go above and beyond and dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort to the Redbacks Football Club.

Life Membership is awarded to a select group of dedicated people who deserve to be recognised for this commitment.

Any committee member, player or coach who has completed twenty years of service with the Club receives life membership. In addition, the Executive Committee can elect Life Members based on special services rendered to the Club. Finally, Life Members of the club can nominate a current player, committee member or coach to be considered for Life Membership.

The current life members of the Redbacks Football Club are:-

Year Awarded Life Member
2014 Andrew Glanville
2013 James Solomons
2012 Ian Bell
2011 Greg Lenon
Adam Bennett
2009 Nick Cesarone
2008 David Major
Greg Jones
2006 Ron Hartman
Paul Hutchinson
Todd Johnson
2004 Judy Major
Nigel Willoughby
2003 Sam Willoughby
2002 Harry Orth
Sharon Ferguson
2001 Richard O’Keefe
Daniel Hayes
Andrew Moore
Kath Hutchinson
2000 Doug Harris
1997 Aafe Futcher for Bill Futcher (posthumously)
1994 Cliff Johnson
1992 Robyn Ross
1988 Malcolm Tindale
Chris Powell
1987 Syd Corby
1986 Doug Nieass
1985 Gerry Moore
1982 Elaine Henry (Deceased 1988)
1981 Dennis Furini
Don Sams
1980 Bill Fonti
John Leihn
1979 Col Collins
1978 Brian Tindale
Bryan Powell (Deceased 2011)
Jack Henry