Judiciary Process

All matters regarding grievances, disputes and/or incidents arising from the conduct of matches administered by GHFA, or arising from the administration of the football competitions within GHFA are governed by the GHFA Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations.

Committees and Tribunals

There are three Committees and Tribunals enacted to manage the Grievance and Disciplinary process.

  1. Disciplinary Committee (DC)
  2. General Purpose Tribunal (GPT)
  3. Appeal Tribunal (AT)

Disciplinary Committee (DC)

  1. The DC will deal with all match send-offs (red cards) issued.
  2. A Notice of Suspension will be emailed to the player’s club as soon as practical after a decision is made by the DC.
  3. Following receipt of the Notice of Suspension, the Club must notify the player and advise the player of the suspension.
  4. If the suspension is more than the minimum for the offence (Schedule 2 of the GHFA G & D R), the player’s club may challenge the suspension under “Exceptional Circumstances” (Clause 7.4 of the GHFA G & D R)
  5. Any challenge must be lodged with GHFA by 10.00am on the Monday following receipt of the Notice of Suspension by emailing such challenge to GHFA (spirit@ghfa.com.au).
  6. The Club when emailing a challenge must satisfy the DC that the suspension is exceptional and clearly excessive.
  7. The DC shall deal with a challenge of “Mistaken Identity” (7.3 of the GHFA G & D R) in a match officials send off or incident report.
  8. Notification of “Mistaken Identity” must be sent to the DC within three (3) days of the completion of the match or within three (3) days of receipt by the club of a match official’s incident report.

General Purpose Tribunal (GPT)

  1. The GPT shall deal with all incident reports and serious send offs directed to the GPT by the DC or the General Manager. The GPT will also deal with any challenge referred to them by the DC.
  2. All decisions of the GPT will be conveyed by email to the player’s club within two (2) days of the hearing.

Appeals Tribunal (AT)

  1. The AT will deal with all appeals from decisions of the DC and GPT.
  2. All appeals must be made in writing setting out grounds of appeal within seven (7) days of receipt by the club of the decision of the DC or GPT together with the relevant appeal fee.

Grievance and Disciplinary Regulation Summary