To recognise the efforts and achievements of individuals and teams from Redbacks FC the club has a system of awards that it presents each year or as required.

Life Membership can be awarded to select individuals to recognise them for committment and dedication to the club. A list of the current life members can be found on the Life Members page.

The “8 Year Award” is presented to those players who play for eight consecutive seasons for Redbacks FC. The list of recipients can be found on the 8 Year Award Page.

Teams compete each year for the club’s perpetual trophies. Criteria for their awarding is varied and ranges from the team with the highest number of goals scored through to the team which is deemed to enjoy their football the most. The list of perpetual trophy award winners can be found on the Team Perpetual Trophy winners page.

The “J&J Trophy for Exemplary Service to the Carlingford Redbacks Soccer Club” is awarded when an individual displays that dedication and committment to the club in a specific season that deserves special recognition.  The winners of this award are:-

  • 2018 Shannon Glanville
  • 2017 Michael Reynolds
  • 2013 Tony Calusic
  • 2012 Andrew Glanville
  • 2011 Leonie & Peter Schouten
  • 2010 Dean McDonnell & Nathan McCabe
  • 2009 Tamara Yee
  • 2008 Bill Pollock
  • 2007 Ronelle Laffer
  • 2006 Chris Hill
  • 2005 Not given
  • 2004 Nick Cesarone

Some of our Perpetual Trophies


J & J Trophy - Tom Luxton
The Redbacks 40th Anniversary Trophy - u9 Brown
The Bill Futcher Memorial Shield - u14/2
The Don Wallis Memorial Trophy - AA5
The Jack Henry Mini Soccer Trophy - u7 Purple
The Cliff Johnson Trophy - u14/2's
The President’s Trophy - Evan Romanis
The View St Trophy - o35/5's
The Garran Trophy - u12/1's Girls
The Don Sams Shield - o35/5's
The Harris Family Trophy - o35/5's
The Bill Hodson Encouragement Shield - u12/4's

Finally, in 2002 a service medal was awarded to Lindsay Harris, Aileen Johnson & Brad Wrigley to recognise them for outstanding service and dedication to the Redbacks Football Club over a number of years & seasons. This is the only year this medal has been awarded.